Full Service CRO

intellim respects DIVERSITY, and comes beyond gender, nationality, age, religious and disability. We go ahead on building the creative organization.

intellim believes the diversity strategy which can make use of various human resources is necessary for the fast growth organization. We also believe that the combination of various values, concepts and capabilities will induce energy for successful business. We don't regard gender, nationality, age and religious and disability, and respect diversity of each employee. We are committed to provide the environment to contribute our clients' and our success.

intellim will improve the followings through DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT

Recruiting and Retention of the Best Human Resources

Human resources are our most important resource, intellim accepts the diversity of human resources, and develops the environment which can accelerate synergy effects.

Action for Social Contribution and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

intellim aspires the organization which is socially effective to enhance the value of society, organization and employees through research and development, clinical research and human resource development

Provision and Generation of Innovative Ideas

intellim improves co-creative capacity with experiences, personality, imagination and the others which are hold by diverse human resources multilaterally.

Equal Opportunity and Encouragement of Compliance

intellim will provide equal opportunity, irrespective of age or gender. Our behavior is always complied with social norms, ethics and other rules.

Improvement of Corporate Value and Strategic Partnership

intellim pursues the diversity management to improve corporate value, and will provide valuable innovation to all the stakeholders.