Full Service CRO

intellim will become the 1st global CRO from Asia.


intellim and our employees are united in strong will and leverage to contribute for society through sciences and technologies. We take pride as professionals, and behave with Core Values, Vision, Mission and Diversity to all the Stakeholders including our employees, clients and partners. We will encourage value creation by ourselves.

7 Core Values

intellim has 7 Core Values for our employees' code of conduct

Core Values

What’s our 7 Core Values?
    Value Innovation:
  • We will continue to be the effective organization to encourage value creation through sciences and technologies.
    Customer Focus:
  • We understand our customer needs appropriately and always create the best solution. We also pursue our customers’ achievement and satisfaction.
    Ethical Integrity:
  • We have high ethical standards and place much value on ethical and integrity behavior.
    Speed and Accuracy:
  • We will improve speed and quality of our services and concentrate to provide the services which are always better than expected.
    Global Collaboration:
  • We are not satisfied with our current circumstance, and always do our best to reach the higher goal. Each employee will continue to challenge to reach the best quality.
  • We place much value on high level of performance and contribution, and are dedicated all our strength for all the success.
    Professional Excellence:
  • We always learn from the best practice and, all the employees will make their effort to improve their own qualification as professional. We will provide the value which is induced our customers’ continuous growth.