Full Service CRO
Message from CEO

Thank you for taking the time to visit our homepage. Since the establishment of intellim Corporation in August 2005, we have always pursued the commitment that values hard work, fosters personal growth, promotes diversity, improves working environment, and recognizes the importance of balance between work and life. These factors directly link to the strong bond between our employees and our company, creating a corporate culture that foster a sense of unity where everyone can grow side by side.

As a trusted drug development partner, we provide total-solution to clinical development ranging from R&D to the various stages of clinical trial. Thanks to highly dedicated people at intellim, we are very proud of our accomplishment as the fastest-growing independent CRO in the country.

Due to the R&D outsourcing trends in the pharmaceutical industry, the need for globalization is higher than ever. Without a doubt, companies that respond quickly by gaining global clinical trial capabilities are being sought after in Japan. In order to effectively carry out global clinical trials, not only languages abilities are desirable, but having a value that leads to the understanding of differences in cultures and adjusting to new global trends is highly essential. Dedicated to our client’s success, we believe in fostering employees with skills such as in effective communication, critical thinking, and the ability to come up with new concepts and ideas.

Our mission is to continue contribute to the society by creating new values based on our uncompromising principles and beliefs. In the effort to becoming a global CRO representing the Asian region, we are now putting overseas operation into perspectives, further improving and expanding of our services. We are very grateful for your support and encouragement in the years to come.

Masakuni Ukita